The Suit for My Son’s Party

My 8 year old son loves to watch a show with a particular super hero every Saturday morning. This super hero is popular with all the kids around his age, and they all talk about the show at school and beg their parents to buy toys of this hero. My son had a birthday coming up, and I wanted to surprise him by having the hero coming to his party. I went to and rented a special bus for the occasion. This was the easiest part of setting up for the party, as I would have to create the hero’s costume from scratch.

The hero had a very particular costume based on the visage of a bird. The hero wears a mask with a movable beak, a cape with bird feathers on it, which the hero can put his arms into and flap around to glide when he jumps off tall buildings, and talons on his feet that let him grip onto the backs of his enemies. The costumes that they sell in the normal costume shop of this hero are pretty flimsy looking, with a simple plastic mask, thin cape, and light foam for the talons. I wanted something that didn’t look like it had been cheaply made, so I went with the more complicated route of making my own.

I knew nothing about costume making, so I had to learn as I was going along. I went to various enthusiast forums to find out the best kind of foam to use, and to learn how to rig up certain mechanisms that would make the suit’s special effects work, such as the wing cape flapping trick. It turned out pretty well, and when I arrived at the party, my son was excited beyond belief. He couldn’t stop screaming for a good 5 minutes.

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