*Self Hypnosis Training VOL. ONE of 2 Eddini* MUST listen first before volume 2.*

This will be my “Official”, Happy HOLIDAYS video. I really and TRULY hope ALL who watch this have a Happy Holiday. I hope ALL your LOVED ONES are Well, and Healthy. We sure have so much LITERALLY, to be Thankful for. So like myself as I’m getting better at, “Have a Attitude of Gratitude”.

This I say to you in all MODESTY is a HUGE, huge, gift I’m giving you. There are so many ways of doing Self Hypnosis, some good, some not so goof. There are Methods where you go into a room to relax and give yourself suggestions for change which is not to practical when in a meeting, or something of that nature. There was a few years ago the Easy thumb to index finger “Anchor Method”. That was so-so for that moment in time. While this Method TOO requires privacy, you’ll go 25 times DEEPER though. With this method you are so deep that I when I ask you to either lift a Right Hand, or a Leg, it will be a LITERAL Impossibility. All Muscles, Nerves, Fibers, Glands, Cells, … are literally turned off, EXCEPT those muscles … etc., that are required for survival. It is a Depth of very, very, deep relaxation, supreme ECSTACY, Joy, POWERFUL HEALING … etc.

You must … MUST, know “What Hypnosis Is”, and if you not you MUST listen FIRST to my Friend here in a 35 minute recording VERY FULLY explaining the Facts and MYTHS http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cmXwrMkqGYs . ONLY if you have heard this Full Recording which I know most of my “Fans & Subscribers” HAVE listened FULLU to that unless they are a fellow Hypnotist even for them however it’s a great recording. During the TRAINING PROCESS, I’ll be emerging you like 5-6 times in this, so that YOU can practice. There are a couple concepts for this to work that you MUST see as FACT & REALITY, which isn’t hard at all. You’ll be having “Homework” for the next 7 days STRAIGHT that you must, MUST, do so that this PROCESS is firming ingrained into your mind. You’ll also be asked since learning the Basic Technique here to listen to this one other Recording here ONCE a day, for 7 straight days in a row. So in essence this is a “Two Video” set. You ONLY need to listen to this one here though just ONCE. I’ll be putting up a more “advanced” one up in like 6-12 months. It’s YOUR CHOICE if you FULLY want this GREAT TECHNIQUE, as a Gift or not.

Happy Holidays I Love you ALL, … Ed

Everything you MUST KNOW about Hypnosis BEFORE going into Hypnosis.


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  1. Now I really do like this technique and I have tried and tried, but I just can't seem to shut down my body with the light switch. Is there anything I can do?

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