Past Life Regression: The Power of Your Past – Episode 2

Experience past life regression

Learn more about who you were so that you can learn more about who you are…..

For more and more people, past life regression has become a way of releasing fears, phobias and feelings. Past life therapy through hypnosis loosens the rigidity of the intellect and opens the door to a new experience of reality.

Transformation becomes a process of coming to a place of peace and harmony within the self that is attained by experiencing the primordial essence from which we have become separated. Regression therapy touches the deepest part of our essence, the lost part of our soul that is redeemed through our love and acceptance.

This raises the level of consciousness to become centered in love and caring for others. Feelings of separateness become recognized as an illusion and one can experience the ultimate reality. Past life therapy is becoming recognized as one of the most powerful tools for inner transformation in psychology today.

This powerful tool for the transformation of human thought is our connection to the universe and will eventually raise the consciousness of everyone on the planet.

In this episode you will follow Johanna on her journey using past life regression therapy.

12 thoughts on “Past Life Regression: The Power of Your Past – Episode 2

  1. Seriously?? These comments are ridiculous. Have you ever heard anybody talk with an accent before? I understood her perfectly.

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  3. For some reason, and I'M BEING HONEST, I am very annoyed by the way this girl is talking in her regression.  LOL  Can someone enlighten me here of this.  Is she from another planet?

  4. Has a case come up where one of your subjects was born in india?Any insights into era, times of such a regression

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