NLP Success Secrets Pt2 – How To Clear Blocks To Success, Overcome Barriers and Remove Fear!

Mental Training Secrets – How To Overcome Fear, Release Blocks To Success, Remove Barriers, and Program Your Subconscious Mind For Health, Success and Happiness In 2017

Part 2 of the NLP Mental Training Secrets For Success Series!

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David Snyder NLP

20 thoughts on “NLP Success Secrets Pt2 – How To Clear Blocks To Success, Overcome Barriers and Remove Fear!

  1. david this was great im going to practice and practice and practice and this year im going to see you there in your teaching classes……thank you thank you thank you tank you

  2. Wow! Great session… Would be nice to directly contact Snyder. I am grateful to have seen this. Thank you!

  3. i thought i would see some techniques that would be abstact and hard to understand. But they were simple yet extreme powerful. I did understand everything and my vision and emotions changed during the exercises. Now i will test to see if it changes in real world 😉

  4. David I want to come out and learn some NLP practices from you. I live on the east coast I would like to come out for a week or two and have as much access to your development program as possible, can you get started in the right direction with this, will you be offering maybe like a boot camp that a young change maker like me could attend this year ?

  5. In some of your videos, you refer to the willingness or need to help others as the universe calling for you to do so as appose simple choosing to do so. Would this be almost like the opposite of you attracting something but many attracting you. If there are many people seeking help, is the universe/God forming a plan to help them, revolving around you having the openness and potential to grant them the help they are after. Hence they are attracting you as oppose to you attracting them. Is this what you mean by it's a calling to help people?

    Also love your videos, keep up the great work! 🙂

  6. I've been watching your vids for awhile now and learning a great deal, but the light bulb went full bright on this one for me. Thank You. Oh yeah, I'm one of those special kind of stupids. Thank you very much!


    also great videos, truly it seems that achieving what you want is purely a matter of fucking wanting to get it. Looking forward to learning more

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