hypnosis for weight loss – 14 day challenge

hypnosis for weight loss – 14 day challenge

Finally, the secret to making permanent weight loss a lasting success!
Be your Perfect Weight Forever without expensive treatments, pills, dieting, surgery or boring workouts in as little as 14 Days!


Anna Richardson
Age: 44
Top weight: 166 lbs
Weight now: 131 lbs
Size now: 6 – 8 (US)
Q: Tell us about your own experience with hypnotherapy?

Anna: “It was just extraordinary. Marisa began by explaining that she was going to regress me back to a time when I was a child which would connect me with my negative emotions around food. I went into quite a deep trance and I remember going back to a time when I was four years old. I was sitting in front of a massive plate of chips and beans with a glass of pop and feeling very upset. It turned out that my mum had been rushed off in the middle of the night because she was pregnant with my little brother and had to be hospitalised. She was kept in for about eight weeks. All I knew was that my Mummy suddenly wasn’t there any more. The only way my dad knew to cope was to feed me. So in my mind I formed an association that food equals love and that it will soothe me if I feel abandoned or lost. Once Marisa had identified that she brought me back to being an adult. While I was still in a trance she told me that I am good enough, I am better than that and I don’t need to use food to self-medicate.”

Q: What happened after that?

Anna: ” I didn’t know what to think afterwards as it was so bizarre, but the amazing thing was that within three to four months I lost 28 lbs. I suddenly found that I was driven to make the correct food choices. I didn’t want to eat rubbish any more. I wanted to treat myself with respect.”

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