Deep Sleep Hypnosis & Meditation for Intrusive Thoughts | Send Thoughts Away As Boats (Deep Sleep 2)

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This deep sleep hypnosis and meditation is ideal for anyone with a busy mind and has intrusive thoughts who finds it hard to shut off the mind, however tired you may be.

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As you go deeper into relaxation you send off thoughts as sailboats and with every breath out send them off to the horizon. This gives your mind focus and also gives back control over your own thoughts.

This also automatically slows down breathing and brain waves, the two things you need to go off to a natural, deep, continuous sleep.
Hypnosis is even more powerful than meditation and, some may argue, more effective for insomnia as it requires no mental discipline, instead utilizing therapeutic techniques to work with your mind. If you suffer from intrusive thoughts, anxiety or insomnia, then I hope this helps.

Good quality sleep is essential for a healthy weight as melatonin suppresses other chemicals which control appetite and sleep lowers cortisol which is linked to belly fat storage.

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