NorCal Corner: Neuro Drinks

I give a review of Neuro Drinks and wonder why some people say that those who drink them are “weak” and “moronic”. Sorry for the whoring of products. twitter: _nikolution blog: Discover A Lot More

Neuro Drinks – Let’s Taste This!

SHARE and SUBSCRIBE – Let’s Taste This! – Gary’s take on the evil purpose of Neuro drinks. Neuro – drinks with a purpose. Each neuro drink is designed to address a specific function: BLISS When you want to relax Discover A Lot More

Neuro Bliss Review | A Drink For Stress

A video where I share my opinions on the Neuro Bliss drink. ** It could be that I experienced the placebo effect, however chamomile and the other vitamins in the drink are known for calming you down.*** I’m here if you need to talk. Message me on Discover A Lot More