EANS2015: Neuro-oncology

Want to know what we’ll be discussing at EANS2015? Find out from our meeting Chairman, Juan Barcia, as he presents subspecialty topics in a series of videos. Discover A Lot More


Dr. David Poulad, Neurosurgeon at IGEA Brain & Spine talks about Neuro-Oncology and the advantage you’ll have in choosing IGEA. For more information please contact IGEA Brain and Spine. IGEAneuro.com (908) 206-4807 Discover A Lot More

Neuro Oncology, Dr. Choucair – SIU SOM

Cinematography and production by Jason Johnson Neuro-Oncology is the diagnosis and treatment of brain and spinal cord tumors. Neuro-oncologists also treat patients with neurological complications stemming from other types of cancer, or the neurological Discover A Lot More

Advocate Medical Group Neuro-Oncology Program

Advocate Medical Group Neuro-Oncology Program provides neurology and oncology services simultaneous along with other medical services to patients. With the help of a nurse navigator, a social worker and outpatient palliative care patients receive Discover A Lot More